Software to Restore Deleted Partition on Mac

Macintosh or Mac OS is pronounced to be the most popular operating system designed by Apple Inc in the present trend. Mac OS is always being appreciated for its magnificent features and innovative, cutting edge technology. Most of the Mac lines of computes are flawless. According to the requirement of different people there are different operating systems designed to fulfill their needs. All the valuable and critical data is stored in the form of files in the hard drive of Mac OS. It supports file systems such as HFS, HSF+, HFSX, etc for organizing and storing data on the hard drive.

Mac OS hard drive can be virtually divided into several logical drives known as volumes. Each volume has to be formatted before using it. It is formatted using different file formats like HFS, HFS+, HFSX, etc for storing and managing the data on it. Partitions or volumes are mainly created to install different operating systems on them. Volumes are created to utilize the disk space in proficient and efficient manner and also to increase the system performance. Even though Mac OS is secured operating system it is still prone to data loss. The data loss can be due to unknowingly deleting the volume, volume header corruption, system file corruption, unintentionally formatting the drive, etc., then to restore deleted partition on Mac you need to make use of efficient and reliable Mac volume recovery software, for more about software read here

There are few situations in which data loss can occur such as volume header that stores the details of volumes like size of volume, type of file system being used, creation time, start of sector address, etc. gets corrupted. If the volume header gets corrupt due to malware effect then the entire data present on it is lost and respective volume is inaccessible. While removing unwanted volume from your Mac system, if you select the wrong one while deleting then that volume is deleted and data on it is also deleted and lost. To find deleted partition after accidental deletion make use of Mac partition recovery tool and perform deleted partition recovery.

If the file system gets corrupt due to improper shut down due to power cut or if it is infected from some harmful virus then there is severe data loss. If the Apple partition map gets damaged or corrupted by some harmful virus then also there is major data loss. To handle these critical and restore deleted partition on Mac you need professional data recovery tool. All the above mentioned scenarios lead to severe data loss. You can take precautions to avoid data loss by maintain a proper backup of your important data. If you fail to have backup of files then the only solution to your problem is to make use of powerful Mac volume recovery software to restore data from lost partition.

Mac partition recovery tool is specially designed by professionals to restore deleted partition on Mac OS X. This software comprise of some distinct features, which makes it more reliable to use. With this application, you can recover lost files from Mac partition even after time machine crashes, for more move here. It recovers data from volumes that fail to mount. This tool can recover data from formatted and re-formatted volumes. This utility is capable enough to restore all types of media files. This tool supports binary applications of Intel and PowerPC Mac platforms. This tool made deleted partition recovery very simple and easy. It scans the entire hard drive and find deleted partition only in few mosue clicks.

For Mac users who want to restore deleted partition this is the best choice to opt for, so obtain the free demo version of the software. Employing this software, you can even undelete MOV files from Seagate Slim for Mac on MacBook Pro. You can also perform iMac recovery using this software, to know more about this utility You can check the performance of this software by previewing the recovery result. If you are satisfied with result obtained then you can save the previewed result by purchasing the licensed version of this software.

Follow steps to restore deleted partition on Mac OS X:

1: Fire up the installed demo version of Mac partition recovery tool to explore the main window as shown in Figure 1. Select "Recover Volumes/Drives" option from main menu and then click on "Volumes Recovery".

How to Recover Lost Partition from MacBook Pro - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

2: List of detected hard drives will appear as shown in Figure 2. Select the Mac hard drive from which you have to recover the partition and click on "Next" button.

How to Recover Lost Partition from MacBook Pro - Select Partition

Figure 2: Select Partition

3: Found volumes will be displayed. Select the appropriate lost volume to scan. Once the scan process is finished you will get recovered files as shown in figure 3.

How to Recover Lost Partition from MacBook Pro - Recovered Partition Files

Figure 3: Recovered Partition Files

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